I have a life-limiting illness

The diagnosis of a life-limiting illness can have profound effects on a person, as well as on the people around you.  Family and friends are at a loss trying to support you the best way they know how. Suddenly, the words life and death can take on important new meanings.

When one is facing a diagnosis, many things begin to feel uncertain, and yet we try to maintain meaningful control over whatever may lie ahead. At Hospice Wellington, our staff and volunteers want to help you find a way through the overwhelming emotions and practical realities of coping with your illness. With the support of our dedicated volunteers, whether it is providing a listening ear or filling in gaps with respite services, Hospice Wellington is there to help.

Many people facing a terminal diagnosis fear that calling Hospice Wellington means that death is imminent, or that they are ‘giving up hope’. Hospice palliative care is not only for the very final days or hours of life.

Hospice is about living until you die.

Hospice Wellington provides many opportunities for comfort and support to both clients and their families starting at the point of diagnosis.

If you would like to learn more about about how we can support you in the community, at home or in a facility, please call our Community Level at 519-836-3921.

If you would like to learn more about our residence, please contact Pat Stuart, Director of Care, at 519-836-6660 or pat.stuart@hospicewellington.org