Art Therapy

Art Therapy is one of our prominent programs, running in conjunction with many of our other services. Art Therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and creative expression, and is recognized by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Some individuals find verbal communication of situations involving grief and trauma difficult. Art Therapy provides an alternative approach to talk therapies by focusing on the development of a trusting relationship, that is supportive and inclusive, located within a safe, therapeutic environment, and using art and creative expression as a vehicle for communication. In this way, individuals can discover ways to process difficult experiences while finding new perspectives and developing emotional strength and increased resiliency. 

We welcome individuals of all ages into this program who:

  • currently have a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness,
  • are caring for and/or living with an individual with a life-limiting diagnosis, or
  • are grieving the death of a loved one.


We offer the following one-to-one support, as well as group activities:

One-to-One Art Therapy palliative support - Offered to all Hospice Wellington residents interested in the development of legacy work through art-making and expressive storytelling. 

Family and Group Legacy Workshops - Designed to support various stages of the grief process including youth, adolescent and adults located throughout Wellington County focused on the individual journey and collective growth experience addressing different types of grief and providing additional coping strategies for continued growth and overall well-being. 

Painting and Found Object Group - Exploring the use of fluid mediums and found objects to support personal insight connected to life experiences to support the healthy integration of the individual and collective grief process. 

Clay and Sculpture Group - Exploring the use of clay and sculpture to encourage personal insight connected to life experiences to support the healthy integration of the individual and collective grief process.

Exploring Grief through the SoulCollage® Process - A gentle collage process based in Jungian psychology exploring the many aspects of grief, working towards increased self awareness and overall well-being.

Open Studio Practice - To provide and promote a creative therapeutic environment, supporting the continuation of the individual journey through art-making and narrative practices. Open to all past and current Hospice Wellington clients, healthcare professionals and Hospice Wellington volunteers interested in exploring creative expression on their healing journey and to support consistent self-care practices.

Annual Youth Legacy Project - An annual project designed by local clinicians and supported by dedicated Hospice Wellington volunteers, to engage youth impacted by grief related experiences in our community. By exploring the use of creative expression, health and well-being is fostered individually and through the collective experience.  

Annual Community Weave Project - An annual community project designed and facilitated by Hospice Wellington’s Art Therapist to support the creative memorialization of personal and family life experiences. This aides in the healthy integration of the individual and collective grief experience.

Encaustic Card-making Workshops - A community-based art experience that explores the use of encaustic materials in the creation of unique stationary cards.These workshops are open to Hospice Wellington clients, families, volunteers, staff, and the community-at-large. These beautifully crafted cards are for sale on the Community Level of the Hospice and at Outreach events. 


Other Public Exhibitions and Community Events:

Art on the Street - A one-day community event celebrating arts and culture in the City of Guelph and Wellington County. Come out to support our local artists and artisans, and be inspired by the potential gifts of creative expression! Visit Hospice Wellington’s Art Therapy presentation tent to explore works created in our Art Therapy Program.


Please call us at 519-836-3921 to register, or for more information regarding any of the Art Therapy services listed above.