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Art Therapy


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"For me, Art Therapy was the rescue boat that pulled me from the tumultuous waters of grief. Each week, with the program facilitator gently navigating, this little boat provided a safe haven from which to view the deep sadness of losing someone dear. With her empathetic support, we were invited to explore the depths, and with each new 'view' came greater understanding and greater strength."

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Hospice Wellington's Art Therapy program is a combination of traditional psychotherapy and creative expression. For individuals who do not have the words to express how they feel, Art Therapy can provide an alternative to traditional talk therapies.

Art and creative expression give voice to the processing of difficult experiences whilst finding new perspectives and developing emotional strength in order to move forward in a positive and healthy manner. The therapeutic interventions for Hospice Wellington's Art Therapy Program are designed to support community members through the experience of loss by providing a forum to express feelings, thoughts and reflections.
Art Therapy is a regulated profession and is recognized by the Canadian Mental Health Association with various theoretical frameworks and a wide range of applications. As a field of study and profession, Art Therapy is administered by trained Art Therapists.

Learn more about the evidence-based research that demonstrates the value of Art Therapy.

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