“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Pat Stuart has been appointed as the new Executive Director for Hospice Wellington, effective today.”  David Smelsky, Chair of the Board of Directors

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Hike For Hospice

Join us on Sunday, June 3 at 

Riverside Park in Guelph

from 11am - 2pm for our 

14th Annual Hike for Hospice presented by

the Guelph Garage Owners Association!

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 Winter Programs

Adult Grief Group: Winter 2017

Circle of Hands 

Hospice Wellington offers grief and bereavement supports to individuals who have lost a loved one. Our services are provided as support groups or one-to-one companionship.

Dates and Time:

Wednesday, January 24-March 14, 2018 1-3 p.m.

Wednesday, February 21-April 11, 2018 7-9 p.m.

Location: Hospice Wellington 795 Scottsdale Dr, Guelph

Please inquire directly at wendy.borutski@hospicewellington.org or (519) 836-3921 ext. 212 to ensure program placement.

Registration is required


I have a life-limiting illness +

We support individuals with a life-limiting illness through one-to-one support, support groups, in-home palliative services and end-of-life compassionate care in our residence.

I am a caregiver +

Caring for an individual with a life-limiting illness can be hard. We offer wellness services, one-to-one support and support groups to help you care for your loved one, while caring for yourself.

I am grieving +

Grief is a normal reaction to loss. Our grief and bereavement services include wellness services, one-to-one support and support groups, including support for adults, families and children.

I want to support Hospice +

We rely heavily on donations to support our programs and services, but also on the commitment and hard work of our many volunteers.


The Hospice was better than we could have imagined on every level and we were so grateful to them for allowing my dad to pass in such a dignified and comfortable manner. 

Son of client in residence

I think of my experience at Hospice Wellington “like a warm nest” built by the love of a caring community; there to house and nurture the weak in need of shelter. The nest surrounds the dying and their family, providing a place to be cared for, to sustain and keep us, until our loved ones fly away. Having had time in the nest leaves us strong enough to fly on our own…