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Caregiver Support

The act of caregiving is beautiful. As you support your loved ones, your well-being can be compromised. Your tireless support can be exhausting and cause anxiety. Caregiving is not only physically demanding but emotionally and mentally draining. Supporting the caregiver is so critical. This allows for the caregiver to be their best self while caring for their loved one.

Hospice Wellington understands that you need support to enhance your well-being. We have workshops to help sustain you, receive comfort, help you develop good self-care strategies and make you realize you are not alone.

There is no cost to participate. Please call Contact Intake at Hospice Wellington at 519-836-3921 for more information.

Caregiver Public Workshops

Hospice Wellington offers a caregiver workshop series that is open to the public including clients, staff and volunteers.

These workshops are presented in a group educational format on a monthly basis, covering topics such as compassion fatigue, and self-care practices. Resources for ongoing support will be provided, including introducing services available through Hospice Wellington. Please note, registration is required to attend.

Caregiver Art Therapy Workshops 

Monthly workshops are designed to support caregivers through the exploration of creative materials to promote self-expression and community connectivity. Gentle group discussion will conclude each workshop component to explore personal life experiences connected to caring for those facing progressive end-of-life experiences. We will work towards increased self- awareness and overall well-being. Individual and group discussion will take place during the workshops to support developing thoughts and an inclusive atmosphere. No art experience is required. 

Creative Expressions Workshop

This cycle invites its participants to explore the use of creative materials and narrative therapies to gain personal insight and developing deeper understanding of personal perspectives towards increased resiliency. This program exists in a community format, individual and group discussion will take place throughout the workshop to support developing thoughts and an inclusive atmosphere. Individual creative projects will be completed during the workshop session, all materials supplied.

These workshops seek to support the whole person, including:

  • Meaningful relationships, past and present.
  • Current support systems.
  • Environment and surroundings.
  • Traditions, routines and daily activities.
  • Emotional expression.
  • Self-care strategies.

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How to Register

Please contact Intake at 519-836-3921 or info@hospicewellington.org to learn more about these programs and what might be right for you. All programs are provided at no cost.

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