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Caregiver Support

As you support your loved ones, your well-being can be compromised. Your tireless support can be exhausting and cause anxiety. Caregiving is not only physically demanding but emotionally and mentally draining. Supporting the caregiver is so critical. This allows for the caregiver to be their best self while caring for their loved one.

At Hospice Wellington we believe in supporting caregivers. If you are supporting someone who is receiving a palliative approach to care and has an expected prognosis of 18 months or less, our caregiver supports are for you.

Hospice Wellington understands that you need support to enhance your well-being. We have services to help sustain you, receive comfort, help you develop good self-care strategies and make you realize you are not alone.

There is no cost to participate. Please call Intake at Hospice Wellington at 519-836-3921 for more information.



How to Register

Please contact Intake at 519-836-3921 or info@hospicewellington.org to learn more about these programs and what might be right for you. All programs are provided at no cost.

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