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Palliative Support

If you have received a palliative diagnosis and are living with a life-limiting illness, we are here to offer you support. 

There is no cost to participate.

Please visit our Program Calendar or call and speak to one of our coordinators at 519-836-3921 ext 228.

Palliative Day Program

Our Palliative Day Program is offered for three hours each week to support individuals in our community with a progressive life-limiting illness. We offer a space of belonging and community with services that are designed to meet the holistic needs of each client. This program is designed to offer a balance of educational topics and self-care activities, a place of connection for clients with peers who are experiencing a similar prognosis and includes a hot lunch provided by staff and volunteers.

Although this program is primarily designed to support clients in palliative care, it may also indirectly support their caregivers by providing an opportunity for respite.

Hospice One-to-One Palliative Support Program

Hospice Wellington offers one-to-one Volunteer Companionship for Clients who would like to be supported on an individual basis. We aim to provide companionship and support for clients living with a palliative diagnosis.

Individuals will be matched with a trained Hospice Wellington volunteer. These matches will reflect the preference of the client in the location and frequency of the meetings. Often our volunteers can assist with writing letters, sharing stories or simply provided gentle compansionship. Clients can have conversations with the volunteer to express their thoughts and feelings, in a non-judgmental environment.


End-of-Life Volunteer Vigil Program

Hospice Wellington Vigil Volunteers provide a compassionate presence during the last 24-48 hours of life for residents of Long-Term Care Homes in Guelph Wellington.   

Referrals are received by email from the LTC homes that are participating in the program and a volunteer vigil team is assigned.  

What is Vigilling? 

  • Based on the belief that no one should die alone.
  • Emphasis on patients who are in the last 24-48 hours of life in Long Term Care settings.
  • Focus is on those who are alone or whose family/friends are exhausted or have limited resources available.
  • Is provided round-the-clock when possible.
  • A service of compassionate presence.