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Jacob & Leah's Run for Hospice Wellington



I’m Jacob and this is my sister Leah. I’m 11 and she’s 6.

Four years ago our grandma was diagnosed with cancer, she’s one tough lady and she has battled hard! Not once during these past four years have we seen her falter, always a great grandma, mom, aunt, sister and friend! Always showing us how to be strong and get things done!!!

Grandma has watched us run every race, has cheered on all of our accomplishments and celebrated our dreams.

Two years ago we had a bake sale to help raise money for cancer research (and together with our friends we raised over $1,000!)

This year our grandma got sicker and sicker. The cancer had spread and by April it was clear she wasn’t going to be able to win this fight - no matter how tough and stubborn she was.

In June she moved into Hospice Wellington...a great place in Guelph where all the staff, nurses and volunteers made us feel welcome and secure while they helped grandma to be comfortable and well cared for. Our mom and dad say that grandma was safe and comfortable there while she lived out her last days with us.

Leah and I lost our grandma to cancer. Our mom, aunt and uncle lost their mom, our grandpa lost his wife and we are all going to miss her a lot...she was such an awesome lady.

Leah and I want to do something BIG to remember our grandma and to help the place that made our last weeks with her just a bit easier....and so, we are planning a run...and here's how you can help!

Make a donation to support Leah and I running. We have both set a goal distance and we will run it together in honour of our grandma. I am going to run 11 km and Leah says she’ll for aim for 6 km (but she is only 6 so she may need to take a break!!) Think of this like you are sponsoring us to run with the donations going directly to Hospice Wellington. If you also want to run for Joyce (that’s our grandmas name), we would love the support.

PLEASE help us make a difference and help us reach our goal of $10,000. The funds we are hoping to raise will benefit Hospice Wellington, and any donation will help make a real impact for so many.

Jacob & Leah ❤️

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