"For me, Art Therapy was the rescue boat that pulled me from the tumultuous waters of grief. Each week, with the program facilitator gently navigating, this little boat provided a safe haven from which to view the deep sadness of losing someone dear. With her empathetic support, we were invited to explore the depths, and with each new 'view' came greater understanding and greater strength.

At the outset of this program, none of us would have described ourselves as 'artistic', however, as this unique journey continued, some remarkable and deeply meaningful pieces of art were created.

I feel strongly that the evolution of each sculpture was the direct result of the exceptional skill of the facilitators (art therapist and technical artist) and the compassionate guidance they provided from both an emotional and technical perspective.

Art Therapy was a Godsend at a time in my life when I was completely overwhelmed by grief and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity of participating in this extraordinary program."

Specialized Medium Adult Group Participant, 2018